How To Do Your Nails At Home – DIY

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Do you know that doing your nails by yourself can be therapeutic? Besides the therapeutic benefits, there are a whole lot of benefits attached. It becomes a needed skill when you need to do your nails, and you cannot get hold of Tucson nail salon you can trust.

The satisfaction that comes with seeing the end product of your work is priceless, and you save yourself some cash.

That is not to say the home manicure process is devoid of its share of problems. Even though you can make your own beautiful Instagram worthy nails on your own, a lot of bad things can happen if you are not careful enough.

Therefore, for that gorgeous nail design that you desire, you have to seek the best technique that would assure you the best result. This article will show you a simple and yet effective way to do your nails by yourself.

Material Needed to Make Nails at Home

Picture of Make Nails at Home

Before you can do your nails at home, there are certain materials that you need to have handy. They will help you get the best results. It would be best if you had more than a nail polish bottle to paint your nails.

Those materials you need are;

1. Nail clip:

You need one before you start the process. The clip helps you tidy your nails to the desired length.

2. Nail polish remover:

You need a remover for the remnants of nail polish that might be left on your nails.

3. Cuticle pusher:

They are different types, wooden or metallic. Although both will do the job just fine, the wooden type is the best for your nails. A wooden popsicle stick can easily do the work if you don’t have access to any of the two options.

4. Nail files:

You’ll need files for various operations during the process. You should keep one that is flat and handy through the process.

5. Nail buffer:

You need a buffer for your nails. In the absence of one, nail files will work just fine.

6. Cotton wool:

You’ll use it in applying the nail polish remover.

Steps To Making Beautiful Nails At Home

Once you have the materials you need, the next thing is to start painting.

Here is the right step-by-step process for doing your nails.

– Preparing Your nails

The first step is to get your nails ready for the process that you are about to start. Remove residues of nail polish left on the surface of your nails.

If you have had your nails fixed previously, you should dip the old nails in acetone to remove them. It would be best if you did not attempt to peel them off without dipping in acetone to avoid damaging your natural nails.

– Trimming, Filing, and Buffing

If need be, you might consider trimming your nails to the desired length. After that, you file the tips to either rounded or squared edges or a combination of both. For the rounded tip, try to mirror the shape of the cuticle.

Only file your nails when they are dry as wet nails could split during filing. For thin nails, use the file directly under the nails with a tilt towards the nail, so you don’t overdo things.

Buffing involves creating a slightly smooth surface on your nails by removing natural oils that can prevent nail polish from sticking well. To achieve this, use your nail buffer to scrape the top and sides of your nails.

– Push back your cuticles

Moisturize your hands first and then soak them in warm soapy water for about five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, your cuticles would be softened enough.

Alternatively, you can apply a cuticle remover to your nails, which will help remove dead cells around the cuticles of your nails.

Gently push back the nails using your cuticle pusher. Be careful so as not to cut the cuticles as they protect your nails from harmful germs. This reason is why you should use a wooden cuticle pusher instead of the metallic type.

– Applying the Base Coat

To ensure that the painting goes smoothly and lasts long enough, use a base coat first. The base coat will protect the nails by hydrating it and preventing it from chipping. Professionals would advise giving the base coat 2 minutes to dry out before proceeding to the next step.

– Apply Colors

Apply the color of your choice to your nails. Ensure that you cover all parts of your nails from the cuticles to the tip and the sides. To achieve the best results, professionals advise that you apply one stroke to the middle of the nail and two strokes on each side.

After leaving it to dry for about 2 minutes, you should apply the nail polish again to make it look good. At the same time, try your best to make the painting as thin as possible.

– Apply Finishing Touches

Now that your nails are looking almost perfect, you want to add a few things to give them that look of perfection. The first thing to do is to apply a top coat to protect the nails and give them a shiny look.

Allow the nails to dry for about 2 minutes and then carefully clean up excess nail polish that might have dropped in the wrong places.

Unique Color Suggestions for Your Nails

Picture Of Nail Salon

Choosing a color to paint your nails can be challenging. You might find yourself settling for the same color all the time. While it is nice to have a signature look, changing it some times wouldn’t hurt as well. Here are a few color suggestions you might find helpful.

  • Trendy Colors:

If what you seek is what in vogue, then you can select denim blue, cherry red, or any metallic shades would do.

  • Flashy Colors:

If you seek to make statements with your nails, you might consider any pearl shade, metallic shade, pink, white, or yellow.

  • Non-flashy:

If you want to keep it simple, you can try out nude or black shades.


Doing your nails on your own is a fantastic way to give yourself the treatment you deserve without spending so much money. It also saves you the stress of having to look around for a Tucson nail salon.

If you cannot use both hands well, start the painting on your most dominant hand. As a rule, you should paint from your pinkie to your thumb.