Training Seriously Without Taking Yourself Seriously

Yes we can train seriously without taking ourselves seriously! This is my philosophy and the one I try to share here. There was a discussion of a concept that interests me a lot: the pleasure of running. I say it often and I’ll repeat it again today: we are amateurs so talking about performance is […]

Why Run?

The benefits of running are great, you only have to run regularly to notice it! So if some of you are wondering why a lot of people are into running, I’ll help them answer this question. As a runner, there is no need to point out the benefits, runners already feel the benefits of running […]

How can I progress in running and/or trailing without splitting?

Splitting, training in Interval Training (IT), doing 30/30, or going around in circles on a track is not your thing? No problem, I’ll give you 10 tips on how to progress without splitting. What Is The Split? The goal of split training is to train at its own pace of racing regularly. But it’s not […]