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The benefits of running are great, you only have to run regularly to notice it! So if some of you are wondering why a lot of people are into running, I’ll help them answer this question. As a runner, there is no need to point out the benefits, runners already feel the benefits of running in their bodies, in their minds. Back when I started running, if I had to convince the neophytes with some points, here are the benefits of running that I would definitely mention! 

These running benefits many have probably already read. However, today scientific studies have already proven them! Therefore, it’s not just a point of view of a runner who wants to entice people to get started.

Running is good for your health, and the more runners (or athletes in general), the better the collective health will be.

Run for the sake of your Health!

Sport is great for the health in general and everyone knows that. Running is one of the sports with numerous benefits for one’s health. It is no coincidence that on the average, runners tend to be less sick than those who are not. Take note that our immune system will be strengthened during training. Thus, the more you run, the healthier you become.

Without going into detail, many studies have now proven the advantages of running on people with heart ailments or those suffering from hypertension. Your heart activates the blood circulation which speeds up a whole bunch of processes that are essential to the body. Even asthmatics are encouraged to start running. Scientific studies have shown that running is able to prevent many diseases. In some cases, it even exhibits a curative effect.

Running Strengthens The Mind & Builds Self-confidence!

One of the advantages of running experienced by many is that the notion of success or failure is mental as much as physical. When you start running, you will certainly experience some tough stages. 

There is a stage where the body and mind resist and try to convince us that running is not really good. You have to summon every ounce of motivation and convince yourself of the advantages of running, and gain self-confidence, to combat any unpleasant notion of running. Perseverance is the key to get over this stage and only then can you find the real pleasure of running.

As for those who compete or are into competition, running becomes a passion, a competition by itself to surpass what is already achieved. While this may not seem to be true for all but we need to have this kind of attitude in order to win our daily life battles.

Running Defeats Stress

This is the one of the main reasons that I personally feel the advantages of running. Whenever I feel very stressed, I immediately hit the road in order to get my mind off the daily grind and to just enjoy the moment.

Running in a way becomes a sort of relaxation for me and I don’t even mind the occasional physical pains I just bask in the moment.

Running increases your happiness

Really? You have to try it to experience it. It’s true and running enthusiasts will unabashedly tell you.

Why run? You really have to try and do it first in order to feel why running makes you happier. Once you are through the initial stages and your body is getting used to running, you can then understand why there is so much fun running! Remember, you should stay motivated first and don’t give up.

In fact, the feeling happier part is directly related to the point about relieving stress. A Swedish study has shown that endurance can purge certain toxic substances produced by stress and anxiety. So what are you waiting for, start running, don’t give up and reap the rewards.

Do the traumas of running dwarf its benefits?

Life is hard and that is a universal truth. Running can hurt, it can traumatize, it can even kill you, that is, if it is practiced poorly.

You should always remember and respect the basic principles of progression in training, pay attention to recovery and avoid overtraining at all costs. If you train intelligently, scientific studies show the opposite of the perceived bad ideas.

Running is beneficial to our bones and joints. You must have to be smart in your practice and you must prevent over extending your body more than you need to in order to avoid injury risk.

The body is a fabulous machine and it will adapt to whatever situation it is being subjected to. Thus, when we run, our body’s response is to nourish and reinforce our bones and joints to shield them from the impacts of each stride. The more we run, the more our body will strengthen these parts. A very healthy cycle indeed.